Looking to Sell your home? Then you've come to the right place! This page is filled with useful information to help you prepare for and understand the home selling process.

Why a Higher Offer is Not Always Better

If you received two offers on your house that were $5,000 apart, you should take the higher one, right? Not so fast. See More

Sure, money plays a huge role in your decision to accept an offer, but it shouldn't be the only one. Here are some other questions to ask:

Does the buyer have the money?
Without cash or a letter from a lender, your buyer may not be able to afford the price he's proposing. As a REALTOR®, I can help you tremendously by making sure that anyone who places an offer on your home is qualified.

How much earnest money is included?
Earnest money is an amount a potential buyer will put towards the sale in advance of the closing to show he's entering into this transaction in good faith. A high amount of earnest money usually indicates a serious buyer. If the transaction closes, the money counts toward the downpayment; if it doesn't close, the seller in some circumstances gets to keep the earnest money.

When's the closing date?
Determine if the timeline for the transaction matches your schedule-you and the buyer may have deadlines that don't mesh well.

Is the buyer asking for anything unusual?
Buyers can put all kinds of things in an offer. They can request an option to terminate, ask for repairs, see if you'll leave the appliances, and make the offer contingent upon the sale of their current home. As a REALTOR®, I can help you decide what is reasonable.

It's a wonderful feeling when someone presents you with an acceptable offer for your home. Just make sure you understand all parts of an offer, not just the dollar signs.See Less

5 Ways to Make Your Home Impress Buyers

First impressions are important, right? That's especially true when you're selling your home. Staging your property will make the best impression on buyers, and may even help your home sell more quickly. Don't worry; there are some low-cost-even free-tweaks that you can do. See More

Here are five tips to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers:

  1. Boost the curb appeal. Keep the yard mowed and trimmed. Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door, door trim, shutters, and porch. Wash down any cobwebbed or dusty items, like patio furniture or light fixtures. Add a few healthy plants in colorful pots near entryways, and get doormats in complementing colors.
  2. Keep it tidy. Cleaning the inside of your home and putting clutter away will ensure your house looks its best whenever a buyer shows up. But don't just cram everything in a closet or cabinet. Most people want to check those out, too. This is a good time to toss or donate items you don't need, which will also lighten your load when it's time to move.
  3. Keep it clear. Move tall furniture like bookshelves away from doorways, and pull back the shower curtain to expose the entire bathroom. Don't block windows or sliding-glass doors, either. Open blinds and curtains completely to bring in a lot of natural light to make rooms look...well...roomier.
  4. Find the right hue. If you're planning to repaint the interior, choose the right colors. At this stage, it's not about your personal design preferences. Instead, pick color palettes that please a wide range of people in colors that feel cool, like light blue or light green.
  5. Get an outsider's perspective. I can recommend a home stager who can work with you.
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